Schloss Dagstuhl Seminar 16251

I have been recently invited to the Schloss Dagstuhl seminar 16251 on “Information-centric Networking and Security”. From the seminar’s page:

This seminar aims to gather researchers with ICN interests from both networking and security/privacy research communities. While the primary focus is on security/privacy in the ICN context, the outcomes will offer broader benefits, since in-depth exploration of ICN security and privacy concepts might benefit the current Internet, even before ICN technology is eventually deployed, e.g. how object encryption can provide an alternative to end-to-end encryption in today’s Internet.

Attendance of the seminar is by invitation. I was also awarded the Schloss Dagstuhl – NSF Support Grant to cover the costs of room and board at Schloss Dagstuhl and the reimbursement for travel expenses. Looking forward to meeting many colleagues in Wadern, and learning from them about their work.