Five Undergraduate Students (CS Department, UB) joined SEAL

Five undergraduate students have just joined SEAL to work on various topics in the broad area of security analytics and threat attribution. All students are current taking CSE 410, the first ever undergraduate computer security course offered at University at Buffalo.

  1. M.S. Adityan, Undergraduate Student at UB (2016 – )
  2. Jobin Joseph, Undergraduate Student at UB (2016 – )
  3. Adithya Narayanan, Undergraduate Student at UB (2016 – )
  4. David Weidenborner, Undergraduate Student at UB (2016 – )
  5. Fengyu Wu, Undergraduate Student at UB (2016 – )

Paper accepted at ERMIS 2016

One paper by SEAL researchers has been accepted for presentation at the Workshop on Empirical Research Methods in Information Security (ERMIS 2016) at WWW 2016 to be held from April 11 to April 15 in Montreal, Canada. The paper is entitled “Chains of Distrust: Towards Understanding Certificates Used for Signing Malicious Applications” and is authored by Omar Alrawi. Congratulations to Omar!